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POETIC stands for Pupils of Organized English Training with International Competence with a view to empowering the future leaders with a strong communicative English competence

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POETIC has endeavoured a number of projects. In line with aiming at the needs and goals related to English learning necessities for life for different purposes.

POETIC catered a number of highly effective and successful courses designed to allow them to have the best places in the long run.

  • International English Learning Institute & IDP Australia IELTS Registration Venue
  • POETIC English ZONE is continuing services for the insightful improvement of the students for betterment in life. Our teaching and learning ensures QUALITY in this process.
  • English learning possibilities for all the ages including IELTS, SPOKEN, PBSE, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT





Why Choose POETIC?

POETIC English ZONE is an English learning institute with a difference. Almost in every way we are unique in helping our students prepare to achieve a competence of English. POETIC English ZONE has been founded by POETIC Education Foundation, a non-profit charity with a great vision ahead.
The journey of POETIC English ZONE has never been very smooth in the outset.
Being fallen down again and again in the first few years after the inception in 2012, POETIC knew how to ace the situations in the end.
In 2017 POETIC English ZONE stared to stretch her arms to liberate from the clutches of fallbacks!
2018 to 2020 were the golden time of POETIC English ZONE, thousands of students came in being not very outspoken and went out with a voice, a strength of life.
POETIC never loses hope to make something GREAT!

Learning in a different way:

POETIC English ZONE emphasizes on learning in a stimulus and interesting way. As our philosophy is to help the learners grasp English proficiency faster and in a natural way, we offer the students a very congenial environment which is a mechanism to allow them get a continuous flow of development that we call POETIC Environment.

POETIC Library at your service:

Our students enjoy a free library facility (allowing them to take BOOKS HOME) which is unique in the country and utterly helpful to aid the learners in the process of picking a language. We have hundreds of colourful international books of very clear UK prints. Again it enthuses them get attached to making a habit of reading books.

POETIC class rooms are small:

We do NOT have more than ten (10) seats in one class. This is because cramming 50/60 students in a single class room ends in a failure for both the teacher and learners. 24 hour Online Feedback: Especially the IELTS candidates need to have their write ups or any piece of works on other modules checked on a daily basis.

POETIC gives instant feedback:

POETIC has the service of replying you a detailed feedback in just 24 hours. A dedicated team of experts are behind this endevour.

University teachers with POETIC training:

The teachers here are either university teachers or International degree holders or national scholars. All teachers are highly capable in making the learning easier and more effective.

Strong bond and connection between students and teachers:

Teachers are skilled and trained by POETIC training division in making a strong bond between students and teachers and thus it becomes easy to produce the results better.


What are they saying

Kazi Tanzina Hossen


Working here as an officer, i learned how to cop with my flaws and learned about myself. Despite being an officer, i never felt like one. Would definitely reccommend

Towhidul Islam Rafi


One of the best learning institutes in Chittagong

Jubair Noiem


I work as an In-charge in BRITISH AMERICAN LANGUAGE ACADEMY, a sister concern of POETIC English ZONE and i can tell with honesty it is the best English learning Institute in Chattogram.

Sohana Saba


I really like the way of teaching at Poetic. Spoken English course at this language school is unparallel. Best teachers for IELTS as well. good staff, cordial behaviour like it.

DK Dider


I definitely suggest this one.the teaching environment good and the teachers are freaking awesome...😍

Rafsan Sami